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Healing your hurt is my commitment to you. If you have ever wondered if there were more to life, then you have come to the right page!

I offer a free 15-minute session to get you started on your emotional wellness plan. Call or email me for yours today!

Session Topics focused on healing the hurt:

1. Healing The Hurt 101 – This session will provide an understanding of what constitutes emotional abuse and the need for healing. Included in this session is background information relating to emotional trauma and its effect on personality and the overall quality of life. The session is one and a half hours in duration, and is highly recommended as the first step to healing your hurt.

Session topics can be packaged according to agreed needs assessment.

2. Building Rapport – This session will teach the how, and benefits of setting health boundaries, and establishing an emotionally safe environment.

3. Identifying and Facing Issues – This session will focus on assisting you in identifying issues that inhibit emotional wellness, gaining the courage to face them, and making a commitment to healing the hurt.

4. Breaking the Silence – The person who has been traumatized is often extremely fragile emotionally and requires skillful monitoring as they navigate through the process of breaking the silence. This session will provide the emotional support and strength needed to break the silence, which is a vital piece to healing your hurt.

5. Gaining Control of Emotions – This session is designed to produce insight into various emotions resulting from past experiences and teach techniques needed to control those emotions before they control you. 

6. Establishing Accountability – This session teaches how to establish appropriate accountability for any inappropriate behavior perpetrated toward you ,builds self-esteem, and reaffirm the fact that abuse is never appropriate or acceptable.

7. Understanding Personality and Behavioral Flaws – This session explores several ways that trauma can impact personality and behavior.  During this session you will be guided in the exploration and identification of behaviors and trace them back to their origin. Logical steps will be defined for implementing change.

8. Building Your Support System – This session will teach you what healthy support looks like, and assist  you in evaluating your current support persons and make healthier adaptations where needed.

9. To Confront or Not to Confront – In this session you will learn when it is appropriate to confront. You will also learn valuable techniques that can be utilized for healing your emotional hurt when personal confrontation is not possible.

10. Letting Go to Grow – This session explores the issue of forgiveness as a process. Emphasis is placed upon moving past the experience of pain, and positioning yourself for the emotional growth that results from overcoming hindrances.

11. Restoration – This session will teach you how to put your issues in perspective. It highlights the discovery of divine purpose for life experiences and assist you in acknowledging the strength acquired as a result of each panful life encounter.

12. Fortifying Your Spiritual Self – This session focuses on techniques for nurturing body, soul and spirit, and reinforces the importance of self-nurturing for healing your hurt.

13. Sharing Your Pearls – This session teaches the significance of giving back. You will learn how sharing your pearls of wisdom assist in redefining your divine purpose. This session is designed to reinforce your spiritual energy giving you a boost to live your best life. 

*These sessions have value for anyone suffering from the devastating residuals of emotional pain resulting from any source (emotional abuse, illness, divorce, rape, incest, domestic violence, grief, etc.).  Although they were designed to be used in a Christian counseling group setting, these sessions are easily adaptable for individual use. They can also be used as in-service training for Christian school teachers, church ministry leaders, and corporate as tools for improving work attendance and productivity.