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My primary genre is Motivational Self-Help, with an emphasis on abuse survivors. I chose this genre because abuse survivors must be motivated to seek help! Abuse/trauma is often the last thing that one wants to acknowledge to anyone. Survivors often wear masks, presenting a façade that they have no issues while suffering in silence, quietly struggling to control emotions such  as, fear, anger, depression, low self-worth, trust issues, impulse spending, eating,  drinking,  gambling, etc. Such individuals may never seek therapy, but may often read a book. This is my target population. This is the group that I consider to be an underserved population, and the group that I am most passionate about serving.

9781973661689_pap.indd   My most recent book, Broken Rungs Yet I Climbed is a riveting narrative of my  struggle to make sense of, survive and thrive the harsh realities of a life that appeared doomed from inception. It’s packed with indispensable messages of strength and healing power to defeat adversities. Broken Rungs Yet I Climb reveals how a life of faith can guide one to a place of peace, hope and healing.


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                                                                         41wdDY36G7L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Therapeutic Applications of Biblical Principles for Overcoming Emotional Trauma is an interactive workbook that will reveal hidden residuals of past trauma experiences which prevent individuals from experiencing enjoyment and success in life. It provides practical tools for healing damaged emotions from a biblical perspective.

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To order a copy, email me

To order a copy, email me

Emotional Trauma in School: Cause, Effect, Cure, is an analysis of how teacher behavior and attitude impacts the academic, social and emotional development of their students.  The book explores abuse as a cycle and how teachers who have unresolved issues from an abusive history will perpetrate that cycle of violence against their students.

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The book was written to propose an alternative strategy for dealing with the many issues of school failure and student disciplinary referrals.  The Emotional Trauma in School: Cause, and Effect is addressed in the analysis, and the Cure is addressed in the companion workbook, Therapeutic Application of Biblical Principles for Overcoming Emotional Trauma.

Dr. Mary’s books are must reads!  Emotional Trauma In School: Cause, Effect, Cure is being revised. To order a copy now, get in touch.