dr_mary_patton-3 (1)My mission is to facilitate emotional healing and a richer Christian experience! I endeavor to assist both the victim and perpetrator with healing for their emotions  from a biblical perspective by skillfully integrating psychology and Bible principles, thereby creating a more peaceful and healthy environment. Research indicates that faith and spirituality play an important role in overall health and wellness. My passion is providing spiritual principles for emotional healing of hurting hearts so that those who are hurt will cease from hurting others. 

I offer a service called Healing the Hurt to teach people how they can regulate emotions that may be inhibitig their overall wellness and success in life.

I have advanced degrees in Counseling Psychology and Education Counseling, in addition to 35 years of work experience which includes experience as a classroom teacher, professional school counselor, Christian psychotherapist, and owner of a Christian counseling practice. I am author of three books, and a conference/ workshop presenter who has been featured in magazines and on radio. Volunteer work experience includes the development of a Healing Hearts Ministry that offered hope and healing to rape and incest survivors, where I served as Director/Teacher for 12 years. I presently serve my local church as a volunteer with the Senior Ministry, Christian Education Ministry, and Political Action Ministry where I continue to address the emotional concerns of individuals.