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    My mission is to help others actualize emotional healing and a richer Christian experience! I endeavor to help both the abused and their abusers find healing for their hurt from a biblical perspective, thereby creating a more peaceful and healthy environment. My passion is providing spiritual principles for the emotional healing of hurting hearts, so that those that are hurt will cease from hurting others. 

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  • Treating Pain Treating Pain

    I inspire individuals to identify the cause, effect and cure for their residual pain resulting from past trauma.  I treat the total person using a skillful  integration of psychology and Bible principles for maximum client benefit.

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I inspire individuals to identify the cause, effect and cure for their residual pain resulting from past trauma.


I write to provide education and spiritual insight that is needed for readers who may be experiencing painful results of past trauma issues. My books are written to guide readers through a discovery process designed to uncover hidden trauma residuals that may be negatively impacting their life, and lead them on a spiritual journey to lasting hope, help, and healing.


I have been sought out to speak at Christian workshops, conferences, Women’s Retreats, and Cancer Support Group meetings on such topics as Controlling Emotions, Overcoming Grief, Releasing Your Potential to Become a Woman of Excellence, Stress Management, and Christian Parenting 101.


I meet with individuals, groups and corporations to assist with developing coping strategies that are necessary for navigating effectively through painful journeys in their life.

Dr. Mary's Mission & Passion

I aspire to heal the hurt of individuals suffering from residuals of emotional trauma by teaching them how to therapeutically apply Bible principles to their areas of pain. My goal is to facilitate the liberation of those held hostage by emotional trauma experiences, and promote the acquisition of emotional intelligence required for living that abundant life for which they were created to enjoy! The marriage of Bible principles and psychology as a technique has proven highly effective in achieving my goal of healing the hurt.


Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of experiencing Dr. Patton as a Workshop Presenter. She was highly professional, compassionate, and effective. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking emotional healing.

Donna R. Bullock, Administrator, Child Care Services